Michael Kastenbaum

Von Michael Kastenbaum aus Los Angeles, USA am 19. January 2014 verfasst

Michael Kastenbaum

Dr. Topay is the kind of Doctor we always hope for when we have a physical problem.

Dr. Topay spent time with me first on the phone after he saw my MRI (before we met) – while I was still in the USA. Then recently when I saw Dr. Topay at his office, he made sure I understood everything going on with me knee, the details of my problem and all the possible solutions. I feel entirely confident in being guided by Dr. Topay.

He explained very precisely all of my options – including knee replacement (which he advised putting off as long as possible). Dr. Topay is not one of those doctors always looking to operate (and make money). He clearly has his patients interest in mind only.

Dr. Topay strongly encouraged me to try improve my knee with physical therapy and exercise – and explained to me in detail what I can do to have a much better quality of life (without surgery).

Dr. Topay told me about different exercises I can do so I could start immediately (even before I get back to the USA to work with a physical therapist).

I am on the way to recovery, already doing some of the exercises, and feeling better. I am excited about it doing what I need to do to improve my damaged knee. If I do not improve fast enough or if I do not feel like I am exercising enough or committed enough to my physical therapy routine, I am confident to have Dr. Topay operate on me if necessary.

I feel in good hands! I will be documenting my recovery and reporting back to this website. Thank you Dr. Topay.

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